Christening Gowns, Prince George and Other ways we celebrate.

Prince George’s Christening:

Who doesn’t love babies?  The little cherubs dressed all in lace and satin gowns, sometimes passed down through the generations or made from remnants of  Mom’s wedding gown make us feel all gooey and warm inside with thoughts of heavenly angels smiling down from above protecting the little one. 20140410122006_00001 This is a picture of my daughter in her baptismal gown, which her grandmother bought for the big day. She was a little over a year old. In The Spinster and The Earl, the heroine, Lady Beatrice O’Brien, becomes the godmother of the baby girl, Bea Ann, whom as a midwife she helped deliver.   (Page 229)” Beatrice brought forth an off-white chirstening gown made of fine, Irish lace, beribboned in white and seeded with small pearls, a matching bonnet dangled from her hands by the ribbons,and everyone exclaimed over its elegance.” 20140410122032_00001 (3) Bucking the trend to have boys in white, this is my son in a blue christening gown I sewed myself. The glass cross is a pin, which his godmother made in a kiln at her house for the ceremony. In some cultures in Asia, the family waits until the child’s first birthday and dressed all in red the child attends temple. In India the hair is ceremoniously shaved and and a red string (a charm to ward off evil) is tied around the wrist. In Korea, the child is dressed in traditional hanbok, colorful garments similar to what the kings and queens of the country used to wear, and have their picture taken. In the Buddhist and Tibetan traditions the parents may lay out different items, which represent different professions, and see which one the baby will choose as a fun predictor of their child’s future. For instance a pen or book when picked up may represent becoming a writer or a lawyer, money, becoming a business owner or banker, beads, a religious person. No matter what our culture we are happy to celebrate the new arrival of a life that holds so much promise. Here’s to your  new addition to the family, may he or she enjoy a long and happy life. Slainte! You can order The Spinster and The Earl at:

Kindle US

Kindle UK


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