Castles and spooks on Irish hills

Irish castles and their ghosts (above video).

When I wrote the first book in The Honorable Gentlemen series, The Spinster and the Earl, the setting, I decided,I had to match the tempestuous romance between an impoverished, ex-army hero with a saber scar, the Earl of Drennan, and  his  next-door neighbor, the hot tempered, Lady Beatrice O’Brien, a self-made, Irish heiress.


(If you look carefully you can see the scar on his cheek).

That meant adding a spooky castle situated high up on a hill, cursed by the fairies (daione sidhe), but not completely beyond salvaging. videoatch?v=6Sb7drX77NU

I’d been to  the southwestern part of Ireland, Dingle (see above video) where Irish Gaelic is still spoken and walked the paths leading to beehive huts and half ruined castles. The fog and folklore were incorporated into my books, inspiring me later when I wrote the trilogy, which takes place primarily in Dingle, Ireland.

The first book can be ordered at:

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