The Mistletoe Kiss of 1910 by Beverly Adam

A free short story for you to enjoy! Happy Holidays!

Beverly Adam Author

The Mistletoe Kiss of 1910 by Beverly S. Adam
Campbell, California- December 23, 1910.
Dear Diary,
I am at a complete loss. It is a wonder that I am able to hold this quill in my hand. For I am trembling and truly do not know what to think of what happened tonight… I’ve been kissed! And not by just any man, but by none other than John Edington. I’ve known him since I was old enough to make mud pies in my father’s cherry orchard. I never thought that John would ever forget himself in such a way.Truth be told, I have never taken him very seriously. I’ve always thought of him as a bit of a prankster, a witty knave. He’s been ever so silly and foolish around me. He’s even at times called me his princess and himself my fool. There have been several occasions when I…

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