“We would have married,” said Carole Lombard about her romance with Russ Columbo.

by Beverly Adam (author of Two Lovers: the love story of Carole Lombard and Russ Columbo).

“We would have married,” said Carole Lombard during her interview with magazine writer Sonia Lee for Movie Screen Magazine in 1934. Russ Columbo had been killed and Lombard revealed that she had been planning to marry the famous singer whose movie and radio career she had been guiding.

Carole Lombard and Russ Columbo were young, the same age (twenty-five years old), and very much in love. She helped run his career and was guiding him to film stardom. If any couple could be called soulmates they were. They were known to have premonitions about each other before they actually occurred.


Carole Lombard and Russ Columbo










The Lady and The Captain

Book reviewed by Christine Shoup of Rakehell Magazine

I believe this is the second book (The Honorable Gentlemen #2) series by Beverly S. Adam.

Lieutenant Robert Smythe of his majesty’s ship The Brunswick would do anything to save his commanding officer, Captain Jackson. The Captain turned deathly ill two days ago but had been mysteriously sick for almost two weeks now. His last hope was a healer west coast of Ireland – Varrick Island. Dark hair, tall and muscular – he was the male version of a siren and built like a veritable god. He had a powerful presence. His beautiful brown eyes were like whiskey on the soul. For years, Lt. Robert Smythe’s mistress had been the sea. Upon reaching Portsmouth he would be looking for a wife. At least that was the plan until the Captain took ill.

Wise Sarah Duncan was an orphan found abandoned and floating in a wee tar boat on the sea. The villagers on the mainland say she’s a changeling fairy. In reality she’s the daughter of Gladys Clougheen’s, a renowned healer whom some villagers believe to be a witch. Sarah had cornflower blue eyes and long golden hair. She now lived on her own in Urlingford village in the rolling green hills of Kilkarney, Ireland. Sarah was previously engaged to a blacksmith but he died of typhus upon the sea. Now she was just hoping to find peace and happiness and a life all her own.

Together, Robert and Sarah work to heal the Captain. In doing so they must also find a treasonous culprit. The plan was that Sarah would pose as Robert’s betrothed while aboard The Brunswick and they would seek answers from anyone and everyone who had any contact with the Captain.

I liked this book. The characters are strong and the story is well written. The supporting cast of nautical riff-raff gave a the book a wonderful and colorful spin that supported the protagonists perfectly. I feel as though there is another book in the making though. There is a lot more to this story to be told, I can feel it. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long. This book is a lovely quick read perfect for a flight or day at the beach. Honestly, I feel as though I learned a lot along the way too. Ms. Adam has filled the book chock full of interesting historical, nautical and various other factoids. I thought it was pretty cool stuff. I love to learn things when I least expect to be taught anything at all!

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Castles and spooks on Irish hills


Irish castles and their ghosts (above video).

When I wrote the first book in The Honorable Gentlemen series, The Spinster and the Earl, the setting, I decided,I had to match the tempestuous romance between an impoverished, ex-army hero with a saber scar, the Earl of Drennan, and  his  next-door neighbor, the hot tempered, Lady Beatrice O’Brien, a self-made, Irish heiress.


(If you look carefully you can see the scar on his cheek).

That meant adding a spooky castle situated high up on a hill, cursed by the fairies (daione sidhe), but not completely beyond salvaging.

https://www.youtube.com/we videoatch?v=6Sb7drX77NU

I’d been to  the southwestern part of Ireland, Dingle (see above video) where Irish Gaelic is still spoken and walked the paths leading to beehive huts and half ruined castles. The fog and folklore were incorporated into my books, inspiring me later when I wrote the trilogy, which takes place primarily in Dingle, Ireland.

The first book can be ordered at:

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